31 years ago the invaders came; wave after wave of them. A lone soldier defended our cities for as long as he could, but eventually his efforts were for naught. And our domed cities fell. Our civilization was destroyed. The few survivers rebuilt as best they could; improving in some ways, but mainly just trying to reclaim the lifestyle that had been wrongly taken from them.

Now the invaders have returned, they are more numerous than before, but luckily our technology has also evolved. Although we still live in the domed cities, we have a hope - a single soldier who will defend our livelihood and civilization. With 5 ships at your disposal, we know that the attacking forces can be defeated and turned back. You are our last hope. You can save us. Are you up for the challenge?

Hypernova Blast is the follow up PCEngine release from Mindrec's 2004 release Meteor Blaster DX. Hypernova Blast is a re-imagining of the classic Nova Blast (ColecoVision, 1983) game. You select one of 5 ships to pilot, and must uses bombs and lasers to protect your domed cities from the alien invaders. You have a limited amount of energy, which doubles as your shields, and when a city gets too low, you will need to decide whether to save your city, or keep more energy for yourself. Your game is over when either all of your ship's energy has been depleted, or when all of your cities have fallen.

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