Playing Tips:

  • Ship control has been optimized for performance! You can "stop on a dime" to strafe enemies or move up and down, you can also "bolt" in the opposite directions to avoid crowded situations and even combine techniques! Experiment and learn!
  • Stay on the "offensive!" Completing the waves quickly will reduce the need to transfer precious energy; which must be conserved!
  • Destroying "Air Enemies" at close range can be dangerous as they emit a slow-moving shot that is sometimes difficult to spot from an exploding enemy!
  • Beware the Water Walkers! They fall from the sky, jump over cities and worst yet, fire a "Lightning Ball" that is aimed directly at your ship!
  • Enemy fire will disappear once you leave the screen - you can tactically "jump" away and then return to their proximity to safely reduce them to atoms!
  • Keep an eye on your radar! Especially in the higher-number waves - enemies move faster and are more aggressive, making it easier to ignore other enemies entering the battle from above.
  • Do not let the Water Walkers hang out on the screen with you too long; remember you can "cancel" enemy shots by jumping off the physical screen for a moment.
  • Both Water Walkerss and Air Enemies can be "conjoined" - meaning that they are layered upon one another; Air Enemies are conjoined very rarely, but when an air enemy shoots two flares side by side...DEAD GIVE-AWAY!
  • Conjoined enemies can be of the same aggression, but of different "metal" - so if you are maintaining a chain bonus "streak", you may want to let those particular enemies dive; though you can always take the chance and shoot it (them) and see which color is destroyed first! This happens more frequently during the later waves.
  • Every wave has a free shield cel hidden in an enemy; Usually a straight-flying Air Enemy holds a "Shield Cel", but sometimes that Shield Cel is hidden in a a Water Walker...just going about its usual business.
  • Bombing is a terrific way to destroy enemies; when you bomb an enemy it does not affect your chain score, in effect it is a "neutral" weapon. Unfortunately, this also means that you will not be rewarded a Sheild Cel if you bomb an enemy that is holding one - only shooting those enemies will reward a cel.
  • If you arre trying to clear the game with one credit, you really do not want fly around with just ONE shield-cel; you can scan the mini-map to find a straight-flying enemy, but do not put yourself in harms way trying to get there - be patient and you will usually get to it before it dives...usually.
  • BEWARE! Enemy flares hiding in explosions, in front of the mountain range and the moon...this also applies to some air enemies - like the Gravitines, Sonads and Wintoks.
  • In the later stages, enemies move faster and dive more often; this means that they will be descending from the top of the screen faster and more often. It is understandable if you need to recharge your ship and/or a city, but it is not adviseable to do it at a high altitude!

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